I’m a professional data scientist. My background is in economics, mathematics, statistics, and programming. Before my current data scientist position, I spent 7 years as a consultant in market research.

Check out my blog, where I write posts about my personal data science and research projects, concepts and tools in data science.

I also write about learning productivity. You can subscribe to my Spaced Repetition Newsletter for tips and ideas about spaced repetition, Anki, and improving your learning speed.

I created a GPT called Flashcard Generator to aid your flashcard development with ChatGPT. Just paste in your material or have a discussion with it, then request it to create flashcards for you. When creating flashcards, it attempts to use the best practices outlined in Poitr Wozniak’s “20 Rules for Formulating Knowledge“. I use this GPT often and find it significantly increases the quality and speed of development of my Anki flashcards.

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