CrowdFlower Search Results Relevance Kaggle Competition 

  • Built machine learning model predicting search query relevance (view on Github).
  • Implemented NLP algorithms for preprocessing (stop word removal, porter stemmer, TFIDF) and an ensemble of Adaboost, Random Forest, and SVC algorithms for modelling.
  • Ranked 42 out of 1,326 competitors (view results on Kaggle).

Caterpillar Tube Pricing Kaggle Competition

  • Built machine learning model predicting supplier quotes for tube assemblies (view on Github).
  • Performed preprocessing and feature extraction using Pandas Python package and ensemble algorithms for modelling.
  • Ranked 50 out of 1,323 competitors (view results on Kaggle).

ShowCredit Online Course Resume Builder

  • Developed web application to maintain online course list and generate resume websites (with PostgreSQL, Flask, and Bootstrap frameworks).
  • Implements user accounts (Google login using OAuth 2.0), course image uploads, and RESTful API (JSON and XML).